A Great Report by Stu Cassell!!! A Former Avon Park, FL, FSA Shuffler.

Stu and Mary Rose Cassell

Stu Cassell Speaks: When my wife Rose and I moved back to St. Louis from Avon Park, Florida just under 6 years ago I went into extreme shuffleboard deprivation. After almost 3 years of playing shuffleboard 3 to 5 times a week, suddenly we had nowhere to play.

In the spring following our return we competed at the St. Louis Senior Olympics and it was during a match I had against Mike Bruce, that I found out a small group of players got together weekly at a local park to play. Yay! He told me where and when and the next week I joined about a half dozen men and women who loved the game as much as I did.

Over the past 4 years our little informal group grew to 20 plus active members who play twice a week and form the membership of The St. Louis Shuffleboard Club. In the nice weather months, we play on 3 outdoor courts at Des Peres Park, in Des Peres, Missouri. In bad weather we move indoors to the Gateway Salvation Army Community Center. Our club purchased indoor courts from the Allen Shuffleboard Company.

Our “founding father” is Glen VanMatre. Once we became organized Glen was voted club President and has been the captain of our ship ever since. He’s not only our President, but he’s also the President of the Missouri Shuffleboard Association.

Here in the Midwest our tournament season has just begun. We just competed at the St. Charles Golden Games. We did pretty well. 14 of our members won 25 medals, with everyone winning at least 1 medal, and most winning 2 medals in singles and doubles matches.

I made a 5 minute video that I uploaded to Youtube from pictures I took over the 2 days that we participated.   2018 St Charles Golden Games. (Pay close attention to the video; Stormy Daniels shows up, albeit, only for a couple of seconds!! Stan)

Our next tournament will be the Indiana State Games in Evansville, Indiana on May 17th. We’re all hoping to win medals there and qualify for the National games in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2019.

Just a Great Story Stu.  Thanks so very much.  Readers will be looking forward to your  report following the Games in Albuquerque!!! Stan McCormack.  2018 05 07

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1 Response to A Great Report by Stu Cassell!!! A Former Avon Park, FL, FSA Shuffler.

  1. Deb Stuart says:

    And such a gracious group to visit!


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