Harold Thorne Comments on the 2018 Norwich and Vienna Events!!

Harold Thorne Speaks:  Hats off to Beth and Jim Allen for organizing a great tour, with the help of the Norwich president and volunteers and the Vienna president and volunteers. As Glenna Earle and others have sent you stories and pictures of the events. It was truly fabulous.

 I have to say my greatest challenge came in Vienna when they announced the Final Four and I was included along with Dieter Hussmann, Stefan Stadtmuller, and Doris Hanke. Dieter & Stefan for 1st place and Doris and me for 3rd place.

The challenge was that Doris and I are close friends.  However; we played our game, Doris led throughout and I had the Final hammer and scored to win the game by 3 points.  Doris, being her usual self was very gracious. We took a lot of kidding from other friends, but the game is the game, and anyone can win or lose on any given day.

Harold Thorne. 2018 05 07

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1 Response to Harold Thorne Comments on the 2018 Norwich and Vienna Events!!

  1. What Harold failed to say is that his final Hammer shot was amazing — could hardly believe he had done the deed. From now on, when I am winning, and my opponent’s hammer causes me to lose the game, I will say I have been “Harolded” !!


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