Coldwater ON Shuffleboard Club is “Up and Running”!!! Come and Enjoy!!

Gary Pipher Speaks: The Coldwater Shuffleboard Club is up and running and looking forward to another great summer of Shuffleboard.

We have several new players this year and the 16 courts are almost full each day of play.
I was speaking with a new member today after watching her play a few ends. I soon determined she was not just a beginner, although beginning at the Coldwater Club.  I asked her where she learned to play shuffleboard and she proceeded to tell me she plays in Arizona during the winter .
The smooth concrete courts at our Coldwater club are very similar to the Arizona courts she said, but of course the Coldwater courts are not quite as fast as the Arizona courts . She thought it may be somewhat easier to control the shot on the slower court.
But regardless of the court, she enjoys the game and that’s what matters.  Stan Speaks: To read an article I wrote in Jan of 2004 while wintering in AZ, click: Arizona Florida Comparison up 2017 08 03

President Carol Archer said that although the cost of the catered meal for the July CNSA tournament has increased by a couple of dollars since lasts year , she would hold the price at $20.00 per person and the Coldwater Club will absorb any additional cost.
She would however appreciate it, if players could drop her a line to let her know if you plan on attending and she will hold a spot for you. You can pay when you arrive.    ALSO GO HERE:
Posted by Stan McCormack 2018 05 08


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