Walcott (Wally) Davis “Leaves Us”. Long Time Member of Avon Park: 2018 05 09

Walcott Davis (To Us, Wally Davis) left us on 2018 05 09. May He Rest In Peace.

A quote from Wally: “Thanks for the picture Stan, I have no idea who it is but think I just  
might vaguely recognize him. The Docs got me so full of cortisone I don’t know myself anymore. So sorry I missed Lois; should have made a better attempt to see everyone. Sure miss the good old days when you were President!! Thanks for coming it was good to see you.
Old Shuffle Buddy Wally”

Stan Speaks: Wally made a special effort to come to Avon TO MEET HIS MANY FRIENDS. His visit MADE OUR DAY for many of us!! He demonstrated his ever-present sense of humor in his statement above.

The Docs may have had him full of Cortisone, but it sure hasn’t hurt his sense of humor!!
In the good old days referenced by Wally, he gave freely of his time in support of Avon Park Shuffleboard Club, always with a smile, always interacting with fellow shufflers in a friendly manner as he worked judiciously to maintain the 22 Courts of Avon!! Wally also served on the Club Board.
Stan McCormack. Pic taken at the Davis Memorial 2014.


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3 Responses to Walcott (Wally) Davis “Leaves Us”. Long Time Member of Avon Park: 2018 05 09

  1. Jerry Stannard Pres. SWCD says:

    Always a lot of fun playing as amateurs with Wally. After turning pro he said it wasn’t so much fun any more. So true for so many. Wally was always so pleasant and willing to work. Great to have known all these years.


  2. stanistheman says:

    Thanks Jerry. I remember that statement!! Stan


  3. Max and Ruth says:

    Condolences to Anna and Wally’s family. A wonderful human being who will be missed by many.


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