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Our subjects for this article ~~ two busy and fast moving shufflers from small town Ontario, Warsaw which is north east of Toronto getting near Peterborough!! (See their pix in the margin & pay attention to their costume!, that is Club President Glenn Monroe below their pic) Velma and Bill Prest are members of the Lakeland Shuffleboard Club, both District Amateurs, and both competing in the Reiny Schleier end of season play off to determine who will have “bragging rights” for their division. Back to those colourful vests the Prests are sporting. As shufflers will know, the vests denote that they are Callers, that is, making those difficult calls the players cannot between themselves agree. Velma and Bill were in service at the final State Event at Lakeland on 2006 03 20 & 21. Every one of the 32 Courts was full and it seemed that everyone wanted a call!! Not only that, as the day progressed, many teams requested beads, and many requested that their court be swept and beaded; guess who had that responsibility?? Right, the Prests. At one point in the afternoon I met Bill making his way to the court furthest from the office ~~ beads and broom in hand. It was obvious that he was hurrying; it was obvious that he was hot; the temp was in the 90s! At about the time I nodded to him, one of the players shouted that they were “waiting for a call”, apparently insensitive to the fact that Bill was fully occupied, that he only had one set of body parts? However; Bill dropped his broom, put down his beads, and said: “Yes that is one of my jobs”, and he said it courteously and with enthusiasm!!
Velma was equally kept “on the run”; if one needed any evidence of that, all you had to do was to take note of the colour in her face!! Hats off to Velma and Bill for keeping this event moving!!
We must point out that there is no harder worker than Club President Glen Munroe. Glen is every where doing every thing, most of the time. Lakeland Club Members have in Glen, a dedicated worker and a fine organizer. It is apparent that willing workers are in short supply. Glen was forced to leave the event on day one, and his absence exacerbated the short supply of help. Bill Pollock stepped into the breach and polished blocks for a good part of the day!! Paul Prescott was seen running to Courts in order to make calls in an effort to assist.
In situations like this it seems totally reasonable that calls could have been made by players on the adjacent court(s). State Players like to have 5 opinions on those “tough calls”, and indeed that is just fine, however; sometimes we expect a little too much from those who willingly give of their time.
Good News Folks; On the morning of the 2nd day of the tournament, March 21, when I arrived at 08:10, Lakeland had everything ready to go ~~ and the Prests were a part of the work team that had completed the preparations ~~ along with the Elgersmas and of course President Glen. Next time you see workers on the Courts, why not acknowledge the contribution they are making, and please remember they make even less for their contribution than you!! 2006 03 21 20:35.


Some of Pioneer Creek’s Best Shufflers in 2009

Pioneer Creek in Central Florida is home to some of the most enthusiastic shufflers in the State ~~ and more often than not, their enthusiasm translates into wins on the Courts!! However; even more important than the number of “wins” us shufflers notch up, is the “good times” that we experience!! “Good Times” is the name of the game at Pioneer Creek and Saturday, January 7th, was no exception. 40 plus shufflers braved the frigid (35 degrees) temperature to compete in a Doubles Tournament. Participating in the tournament were six new first-time players and 2 of them went home with trophies! Guess what folks? We now have two more players with “shuffleboard fever”. The Championship match went to 3 games with Bud Brown & Dick Barham edging out Les Anderson & Nancy Singleton by one point. By playing frame games, 4 discs for practice & 2 for lagging the tournament was completed by 4:15 p.m. and the 40 plus shufflers enjoyed a carry-in dinner with turkey & the trimmings.” We have posted a pic of the winners in the margin!!
Article submitted by Larry and Ruth Brown of Pioneer Creek. That “turkey and trimmings” sounds pretty good folks!! Alf and Stan of THE SHUFFLER 2006 01 08


The State “Amateur Any Doubles” (A16A) just finished at Avon Park. Play continued until late in the afternoon of the 2nd day. Pix in the margin are the 1st and 2nd place teams of the Championship Event. The host club, Avon Park, sponsored the event. The Shuffler congratulates all 4 Players; in the top pix, 1st place in the Championship Event, Lorena Watters & Erika Berg. In the 2nd pix, 2nd place in the Championship Event, Harry and Patty McCall. Avon Park has a reputation for “enjoyable shuffling”; something goes beyond our prize money! Hers is a typical remark received the day following the tournament. “Erika and I had a great time at Avon Park yesterday. It was a well run and well organized Tournament.
Thanks again for your kindness and hospitality.”

Thanks for that!! 2006 01 25.  Sorry, could not locate the pic of the McDalls.  Stan writing on 2018 05 13.

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