Enjoyable Articles From the Past. 2018 05 14. East West Goodwill Games!!

Rosi ElRite sends along her Preliminary Report for this historical shuffleboard event!! 2009-09-17 to 2009-09-21.
Whenever the East Coast and the West Coast US Shufflers are together, there was always “an elephant in the room”. Invariably, it would be – who had the best courts and subsequently, the better style of playing shuffleboard.

National President, Joe Messier, saw an opportunity to have a challenge between the two coasts and enlisted the help of Rob Robinson, AZ and Rocky Briggs, CA to organize a 12 Men and 12 Women team and determine a location to hold the games. Hence, the East-West Goodwill Games were born. The first and hopefully ongoing match-up will be played in Hemet CA from September 17th thru the 21st 2009.
Hemet was the site of the 2000 ISA tournament. A bid has been submitted for 2011 to again host the ISA (International Shuffleboard Assn.) team event.
These East-West Goodwill Games will not be a tournament per se because no trophies will be awarded. All players will be given a commemorative lapel pin. Format for play will be as an Any Singles event. The East Coast team consists of 13 men and 10 women. A player from the West will play with the East to provide equal numbers of players from each coast to make even brackets. Both teams are listed alphabetically and consecutively numbered.
Play will consist of four 12 frame games to be played daily, with the exception of Saturday Sep 19th, to allow the players to attend a dinner theatre outing planned at Lawrence Welk Village Theatre. Various other social activities have been planned for the players during the event.
The tentative list of players from the East Coast includes: Joe and Cecile Messier, Earl Ball, Jim Bailey, Gus Bondi, John and Delores Brown, Roy Babcock, Rosaire Cote, Don and Kay DeHart, Ed Geueke, JoAnn Goldschmidt, Don Graham, Rita Lafave, Gary Orvis, Richard and Marilyn Phifer, Susan Stanley, Walt and Jenette Thyssen, Robert Weber and Pauline Young. Thelma Carvin from CA will round out the East Team.
Players from the West include: Rocky and Gigi Briggs, Carl and Carol Howell, Liz Backus, Nancy Chaffin, Chuck and Jan Crouse, Dick and Rosi ElRite, Bridget Gerber, Dean Grattidge, Robert and Nelda Lichtwald, Dale and Sheila Monday, Bob Rinehart, Rob Robinson, Dan and Sylvia Smith, Jim Trausch, Nancy Tyler, Sandy Watkins, and Marlus Wohlers.
Updated and hopefully daily reports will be sent after the event begins.
Rosi ElRite, member, US West team.
THE SHUFFLER thanks Rosi for this Very First Report and we are looking forward to succeeding reports!! 2009-09-08.

After two days of very exciting and sometimes very close games, the tally is; THE WEST – 66 games and THE EAST – 30 games. The last round today (Friday) showed the EAST gaining ground and winning seven out of 12 games played. I guess I’ll have to do some pep talks to my team.
The EAST team is getting accustomed to the fast boards. With temperatures hovering around 100 degrees, everyone agrees the indoor air-conditioned courts are very appealing. There will only be two rounds tomorrow (Sat. the 19th) as the group will either travel to the Lawrence Welk Dinner Theater or a BBQ at the home of Sandy Watkins in Sun City in the afternoon.
Rosi ElRite. 2009 09 18.

Now I am going to give you a series of Articles, CW (complete with) pix!!  Articles and pix by Bob Weber.  hemet1 hemet2 hemet3 hemet4 hemet5 hemet6 hemet7 team hemet8 hemet10 hemet11 hemet12 hemet14   Bob has told the Story in a classy fashion!!!  Check all the files!! You will be glad you did!!

Congratulate the Participants >> AND Thanks Rosi ElRite and Bob Weber for their excellent coverage of the EAST – WEST CHALLENGE. Rosi has sent along the two pix in the margin. No doubt the Team from the EAST is on their way home!!

West Women’s Team
Back Row L-R Sheila Monday, Nancy Chaffin, GiGi Briggs, Sandy Watkins, Nancy Tyler.
Front Row L- R Carol Howell, Jan Crouse, Rosi ElRite, Sylvia Smith, Liz Backus, Bridget Gerber.

West Coast Men
Back Row L-R Dale Mundy, Robert Lichtwald, Jim Trausch Middle Row L-R Dick ElRite, Carl Howell, Marlus Wohlers, Bob Rinehart
Front Row L-R Rocky Briggs, Dean Grattidge, Dan Smith, Rob Robinson, Chuck Crouse

The West Coast emerged from the Goodwill games as having bragging rights for this year. I heard a lot of “wait until we get you on our courts next year”. The final score was out of the 216 games played was, the West Coast 146 and the East Coast won 70 games. There were some outstanding shots and memorable games played. There were some lasting friendships made and renewed. I think everyone is ready to get some well deserved rest. We wish all our shufflers safe travels and Happy Shuffling.
A special thanks to Robert Weber for sharing his photos and also to Stan and Alf for allowing me to report this 1st and hopefully annual event.

Rosemarie “Rosi” ElRite. 2009-09-21

Posted by Stan on 2018 05 14. HOPE YOU ENJOYED!!!

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  1. Thanks for posting these, Stan! This was the first time Dale & I met the players from the East and many of them later became good friends of ours who we always enjoyed being with. We were able to play in all of the Goodwill Games except Texas due to my being ill at that time.


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