Jo Miller speaks: Thank you, thank you to all of the shuffleboard family


I know that all of us as players thought of JIM as a friend!! His “shoes” will be hard to fill at the BSC but I am sure there will be some who will step forward to do that. Our prayers are with you JO and your family as you face this next part of your journey of life without your soul mate…HUGS:

Jo Miller Speaks: Thank you, thank you to all of the shuffleboard family. I and my family have really appreciated all the cards, texts, messages, flowers, visits, and especially the prayers. This support is what is getting me thru this time.
Jim enjoyed shuffling so much. And as I looked back over this last year, he had a good year and you could see he was “into it”!
Jim was a quiet man,(unless you wanted to talk shuffleboard!) and had the .most even temperament. I will never regret going with him to all of those tournaments.
Thank you again for your prayers and for sharing your memories with me. I will cherish those forever.
One of his favorite sayings was,” Live today to the fullest and as if it might be your last day. It just might be. The main thing is be ready!” He did, and he was! He never held a grudge against anyone. It’s hard sometimes to do that. He would say, maybe they just had a bad day. Smile at them, and say have a good day. It may mean more to them then you can even imagine!
Thank you friends,
Jo Miller and family.

Sent along by Ron Nurnberger. Posted by Stan McCormack.  2018 05 15.

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4 Responses to Jo Miller speaks: Thank you, thank you to all of the shuffleboard family

  1. Joyce Smith says:

    It is so nice to hear from you Jo. We will continue to pray for you and your family. The things you said about Jim and the kind of person he was is the same thing we all saw in Jim and made us love and respect him. He wasn’t just the great Shuffler, he was a great man and today he enjoys the ultimate reward…….Heaven. I hope we continue to see you at tournaments and know that we feel the same way about you, you are a very special lady and you are loved.


  2. Joyce Smith says:

    Thank you Ron for your Posts.


  3. Jeannie Andrews says:

    Jo said it so well about Jim, he was a quiet man, he would smile and say hello. But if you were watching a game and talking about a particular shot he would talk talk talk. From my perspective he loved Jo and they were so lucky to be able to do this game together. He will be missed.


  4. ken offenther says:

    I was traveling in the midwest when i learned of jims tragic passing.When i picture him i see him on the courts at bradenton making sure they were just right. i see his cool demeanor never seeming to get upset at anything.I see his incredible consistency as a player with incredibly low error ratio.I see a fine person who we in shuffleboard will miss as a player and more importantly as the fine person he was. god bless jo and the mlller family


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