A Wonderful Experience, (NO, not shuffleboard??) by Glen Peltier!! 2018 05 18

Rapid Recovery!! You Will Find Glen on the Left!! 

Glen Peltier Speaks: I believe modern medicine is a wonderful thing. I had a complete knee replacement on April 26th.  Above is a pic of me shuffling on May 17. 

There were four other men in our ward. It was a bit crowded but talk we did!!.

I was sent home after forty eight hours.

A nurse came to my home every day for the first four days.

Then every second day for the next week.

Then twice a week for the next third week.

I had a physio visit me every second day giving me a strict workout regime.

All I need is a chauffeur to drive me places the next three weeks LOL.

I start getting my cataracts removed the second week of June. The last couple years my knee bothered me and my sight was a bit fuzzy. Hopefully I can once again enjoy the game of shuffleboard.

I have nothing bad to say about our wonderful medical Service in Ontario. I feel I am a very lucky man. I have had the very best of care. Glen Peltier.

Posted by Stan on 2018 05 18.

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3 Responses to A Wonderful Experience, (NO, not shuffleboard??) by Glen Peltier!! 2018 05 18

  1. John Mickle says:

    Glad to hear your results were good. I had my cataracts removed during the summer of 2017 and can see like a hawk without the need for my very thick glasses which I have been forced to use since grade nine. I am now 74 and yes have made it to grade 10 ( a little joke). . . We are indeed very fortunate to have great professional care. . . Cheers – John Mickle


  2. Joyce Smith says:

    Glad your surgery went so well Glen. I also had cateract surgery in March. I actually got the mono- vision (left eye for reading and right eye for distance). It worked beautifully. I could hardly believe how well I can see. I don’t need glasses at all. The procedure wasn’t bad at all, no discomfort. Good luck!


  3. Gary pipher says:

    Sounds great Glen , and the best part of all,
    it probably didn’t cost you a penny.
    After all this is Canada.


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