Al Dronsfield of the Northern District Has Returned to the Real World!! (From His Cruise) !!

Luv the Jacket!!

Al Dronsfield Speaks: The summer rotational’s moved to Tavares this week, low turnout was probably weather related. The rain Gods held the rain back until we got it in.
19 players this week, mostly pros. Pro’s were combined with the Am’s and games went on.
Next week the rotational goes to Hawthorne. It has not been posted but the Tavares rotational’s have ended and will be moved to Hawtorne and Leesburg according to George Fisher. The reason was given that due to low numbers he had decided to pick up two of the rotational’s at Hawthorne and Leesburg took the third one.

The courts ran smoothly yesterday and consistent.
There were five placements only this week due to the combining of Pro’s and Am’s.
Just back from a month long cruise Al Dronsfield came out on top with four of the top five placements having 4 wins.

1st. Al Dronsfield ———————————————————— Tavares
2nd. Ron Bobo ————————————————————— Tavares – Amateur
3rd. Walt Bartels ———————————————————— Deland
4th. George Fisher ——————————————————— Hawthorne
5th. Betty Mondeel ——————————————————— Hawthorne – 94 year old Amateur

Reported by Allen Dronsfield 5/18/18.  Good to have you back Al!!  Stan.

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