Picking Up “The Wrong Cue”?? Has it Ever Happened To You???

MR. OBLIVIOUS:  by Stu Cassell

Last year I was at a tournament and laid my stick down on a table next to my water bottle. A few minutes later I went to get it and it was gone. I only had a small address label around the black plastic joint, but I was able to spot a guy playing with it.

I went over to him and mentioned that he had my stick, pointing to the address label with my name on it. He apologized and said he thought it was one of the extra sticks that the organizers had provided. When I bought my new stick I decided to personalize it, so there would be no mistaking it for a house stick or someone else’s stick. In our club at least 8 of us have the gold top-metallic blue bottom sticks from Allen Shuffleboard.

To distinguish my stick from everyone else’s I paid a couple bucks more and got a steel head. I also bought name decals on Ebay and put them on two sides of my stick. In addition, I added some sparkly stars, and a bicycle hand grip.

Despite this, Elly, one of our newer club members who has the same kind of stick, frequently forgets where she left her stick and will ask me if I have hers. Each time when I tell her I don’t, I explain to her all of the things that I mentioned above, that make my stick look much different from hers.

This past week we were in Evansville, Indiana for the Indiana State Games. A group of us grabbed one of the large round tables in the hall and when we weren’t playing we’d lay our sticks across this table. At the end of the day I had the last match with my doubles partner Bob Jennerjohn.

After the game was over and we were walking back to the table Bob suddenly stopped me and asked, “Why are you carrying Elly’s stick???”

He had spotted her address label on her stick. I looked at it and was flabbergasted when I realized I had played an entire game using Elly’s stick. Not once did I notice it didn’t have a steel head, it didn’t have my name on two sides, it didn’t have stars at the top and bottom, and most obviously, it didn’t have a black bicycle grip. Just call me, “Mr. Oblivious.”

The irony is of all the blue and gold sticks laying on our table, I happened to grab Elly’s, the one person who has asked me a half dozen times, “Do you have my stick?” Yike! This time I did.   Stu Cassell.  2018 05 20.  Click on any pic to expand.  

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1 Response to Picking Up “The Wrong Cue”?? Has it Ever Happened To You???

  1. Earl Ball says:

    I’d say that can’t happen but experience tells me it can! I’ve been at it for a while so I know which cue is mine. I took my cue and headed to my court. Someone not me had the wrong cue; the tournament director kept announcing that someone had the wrong cue. I couldn’t believe that someone wouldn’t fess up and get their own cue. After awhile someone showed up at our court and asked me if I had the right cue; My answer, Of course. But as I looked at it I discovered it had straight white feet, mine had curved black feet. It had a white knob, mine had a black knob. You can imagine my embarrassment. Now when an announcement is made that someone has the wrong cue I stop and check to be sure. Another thing that happens often is that players take home the wrong cue by mistake. Maybe they lost and grab a cue and leave or are talking and get distracted and take the wrong cue. When I finish I now hang on to my cue until it’s in the car.


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