Shuffleboard Is Cool Now!! (A long read, BUT WELL WORTH IT!!)

Stan Speaking: Shuffleboard Is Cool Now!! (A long read, BUT WELL WORTH IT!!) This article was first posted in July of 2017.  I am not reposting it as a “Look Back” article, I am reposting it as an article every serious shuffler with an interest in growing our sport, should read, should think about what the author is saying!! 

Click on the link below. I thought this quote, by Erik Hahmann from the article,  stood out for me: “What I really love about the game is that there is no physical advantage — shuffleboard is a game of touch, feel, and precision,” he says. “An 80-year-old woman has just as much of a chance to win a game as a 18-year-old man. There’s not many other sports like that.” Hahmann likes to say that you can learn shuffleboard in five minutes, but you can spend a lifetime getting better at it. And though the physicality of the sport is low, there’s a high degree of mental strain, stemming from the endless strategizing and the ruthless psychological techniques opponents inflict upon each other.” AND NOW TO THE ARTICLE!!  Posted by Stan McCormack. 2018 05 22.


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