Zephyrhills Hosts the Memorial Day Mingles/Singles. If you Cannot Play, Why Not Come and Watch??

Earl Ball Speaks:  This coming Monday (2018 05 28) the Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club will host the Memorial Day Mingles/Singles Championship Tournament starting at 9:00 and expected to finish about 2:30-3:00. This tournament is expected to an extra large field because it is a holiday and travel is much easier.

Al Dronsfield, the Masters Champion from Leesburg will be there as will Earl Ball, the Roll of Champions Champion and Masters Runner-up. Pam Nurnberger the women’s Masters Champion and Roll of Champions Champion will travel from Bradenton. Masters Players Dean Myklejord, Nancy Myklejord and Pauline Murphy will be here from Lakeland. Masters Player, Ron Nurnberger of Bradenton, Steve Raimondi of Clearwater and Katy Walker of Leesburg will also be on hand. Many of the top Amateur Players will also be there to take part in the Amateur Tournament.

St Petes will have a number of players make the journey because the tournament is on a holiday and they don’t have to work. The St Pete Club was the bellwether of shuffleboard for many years boasting over 5000 members before falling on hard times. They have reinvented themselves as the cool thing for the younger generations and now have over 1000 members, easily the largest of clubs.
Earl Ball, Significant Contributor to the Shuffler.  2018 05 25.

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