Shuffleboard, biscuits and Tang, and other food news. Richmond VA

Shuffleboard, biscuits and Tang, and other food news

Like seemingly everybody else, David Gallagher has spent his share of weekend afternoons hopping from one brewery to another in Scott’s Addition. He appreciates a complex local craft brew just as much as the next Richmonder, but sometimes he just wants a cheap, light, easy-drinkin’ beer. And that’s where Tang and Biscuit Shuffleboard Social Club will come in.

“We want you to be able to come and get a pitcher of PBR and be able to stay for a while,” he says.

Tang and Biscuit, which Gallagher says will open in August, will feature 10 shuffleboard floor courts, four table courts and a 52-foot bar. The menu and drink list aren’t finalized yet, but Gallagher says to expect local and nonlocal beers alike, craft cocktails, shareable snacks like tater tots and a selection of open-faced biscuit dishes. And true to the name — in shuffleboard, the tang is the stick and the biscuit is the puck — the bar will also serve Tang-inspired cocktails — yes, Tang, that bright orange powdered drink from the ’60s.

Tables will be long and communal, and while they’re waiting for their turn at the shuffleboard court, which up to four people can rent for an hour at a time, guests can play other games like Jenga, Plinko, Connect Four and ring toss.

“The concept is designed around getting people to talk to each other, and bringing diverse groups of people together,” he says.

We’ll keep you posted as the team gets closer to opening Tang and Biscuit.


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