Blackstock ON Shuffleboard Club Begins Their 2018 Season!!

Blackstock Begins Their 2018 Season!!

Shuffling at Blackstock Ontario has begun another great season.
On May 19 everyone had a fun day catching up with old friends and several new members.
Our season will continue until Sept. 12, 2018 with this wonderful bunch.  Ann Davies ( President )

Stan Speaks: WE SHUFFLE EVERY WEDNESDAY FROM NOW UNTIL SEPTEMBER. If you live in Blackstock, Port Perry or Oshawa, this is the place where you will be able to take up your “old sport”, OR learn a “new sport”.    For more detailed info. with respect to joining costs or directions, call Ann at 905-447-8803 or e-mail her at: . You may attend in the Morning; in the Afternoon, OR BOTH!! Great Facility; Great Shufflers; Great Friends!! Posted by Stan McCormack; 2018 05 31.

We give you a little more that happened at Blackstock: 2 Summary of 2005 SPRING FLING (1st)  (1) IF YOU ATTENDED THE SCUGOG SPRING FLING up  (2) SAGA OF THE BLACKSTOCK PRAYER  Sunday or NOT, here is the Blackstock Prayer. Lots more on this but let’s do it ANOTHER TIME.  Blackstock Prayer in English 05 09 30



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