Jerry Deren Reports From Michigan.

American Men’s Team Captain Walt Wedel Has Left Us.  May He Rest in Peace. 

Walt Wedel passed away this morning @ 10:30 A.M. Ironic in that the 26 th Wedel shuffle tournament was held today in Battle Creek, MI. It was an open tourney with 26 teams.

main                                                                     Consolation

1st Carol Healy & Jant Casselman                  Carl & Sharon Olmstead
2nd Tom Butzin & Gary McGaffey                 Jerry Deren & Barbara Worden
3rd Ken & Marge Klocheck                              Lloyd Schmidt & Don Rood
4th Richard Stimer & Max Munk                   Roger Hiatt & Shirley McCullough

It was a very sad day with Walt’s passing. the day was sunny but very windy & we had a time keeping beads on the courts, but we eventually won out and completed the tournament. Marcia Clark was our tournament director and did an excellent job.

Jerry Deren.  2107 06 04

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2 Responses to Jerry Deren Reports From Michigan.

  1. A sad day indeed at the loss of another great man. Our thoughts and prayers are with Ann and their family. Can someone post Ann’s address for sending cards and flowers.


  2. We are so sorry to hear the sad news. We met Walt the first time in January 2006 during his term as the USA/NSA President when he welcomed us into the Shuffleboard family. We will miss him and our thoughts are with Ann and family.


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