World Shuffleboard Championships coming to High River in July

See You In High River!!

Organizers of the World Shuffleboard Championships coming to High River in July are really having to wear their “planning” hats these days.

Ken Wardley, who’s in charge of the event, says getting the over 100 players, who are coming from around the world, off their planes and into High River is a major undertaking.
“We didn’t really anticipate it’d be as big as it is, but we have to pick these people up at the airport. The Calgary Airport Authority have been very generous by donating to us a hospitality room. So that people coming in on an international flight, they can get go into this hospitality room, secure their luggage, and then walk the airport until we have our buses there to pick the people up.”
Wardley says in the end it’ll be worth it, as they’ll introduce a whole bunch of new people to the Foothills, with an expected economic spin-off of $300,000 to $400,000.
He says it won’t be all shuffleboard all the time though as he and his wife will take the athletes on a shopping tour around town showing off what High River has to offer.
He’s also planning a trip to the Bar-U Ranch National Historic Site and has a dinner planned at the East Longview Hall.

Posted 2018 06 06

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2 Responses to World Shuffleboard Championships coming to High River in July

  1. You are doing a great job Ken and Verena. We all look forward to meeting you.


  2. hwshuffle says:

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