Whitecourt AB local attending international shuffleboard competition in High River AB.

Lynn Bell Shuffles in AZ in the Winter and Edmonton AB during the Summer. 

Lynn Bell a Whitecourt resident will be attending the international floor shuffleboard competition in High River, Alta. on July 15.

Lynn was inducted into the Arizona Hall of Fame in 2015, earning her a spot at the international shuffleboard competition this year.
Bell has been playing the game of shuffleboard for more than 20 years and her love for the sport has only increased over the years.
“I do a lot of travelling, I meet a lot of new friends,” she said. “It’s very competitive, I like competition.”
Despite the international competition being such a major event, Bell is nothing but enthusiastic to be participating.
“I’ve played for so long, I don’t get nervous anymore,” she said. “I used to, when I was first learning, but it just kind of comes naturally to you after you’ve played for so long.”
Bell has participated in a number of other competitions around the world. In 2008, she joined Team Canada in Australia to compete against teams from Japan, Germany, the United States, Brazil, Australia and the United Nations. The team brought home a silver medal.
She began playing in Arizona and continues to travel south each season to compete with the team she’s been coaching for 10 years, the Alberta Grizzlies.
She was the president of the Western Shuffleboard Association and is currently the president of the Roadhaven Shuffleboard Club in Phoenix. Bell is also a member of the Shuffleboard Club in Canada and the GESA Club in Edmonton.
She has always helped out with shuffleboard, offering strategy lessons and teaching at the Roadhaven Park in Phoenix.
Bell is pleased that the game is getting more recognition worldwide and currently, many of the organizations and clubs are trying to have the game inducted to the Olympics.

Posted by Stan on 2018 06 11.

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  1. Glenna says:

    Looking forward to seeing you there Lynn. Hugs, Glenna

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