Ruthie is a Happy Woman!! Larry Has Had His 2nd Hip Operation!!

Ruth, with Larry as Partner, makes 300!!!

Hi Stan!  Just letting you know that Larry had his other hip done this morning. 2018 06 11;  Surgery went well. He’s in some pain tonight but more alert time than he was the last time.

Just in case some of the new followers have never heard of Larry Brown, I am providing you with a summary, a brief, and incomplete summary!!!!!  Given that HIS HIPS are in good shape, you can count on Larry picking up where he left off:  Larry and Ruth Brown Celebrate 48 Years Together 1

Stan McCormack.  2108 06 13.

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5 Responses to Ruthie is a Happy Woman!! Larry Has Had His 2nd Hip Operation!!

  1. Wonderful news. He will be good to shuffle in October.


  2. Moe & Teresa Vermeulen says:

    Praying for a speedy recovery!


  3. Linda Armstrong says:

    Way to go “oil can Larry”. Now I know you will be “slick” at the shuffleboard courts. Glad everything went well – speedy recovery. Henry & Linda


  4. Earl Ball says:

    I’m glad all is going well. The worst is in the past. He’ll be back on the courts in the fall.


  5. Virginia Chandler says:

    This is great news ! Thank You Ruthie for keeping us up to date ! Pray for Larry’s continuous speedy recovery this time too ! Love you both, Jim & Ginny


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