Glen Peltier Is Back!! His Knees Are Better; He is Raring To Go!! Accept His Offer! You Will Be Glad You Did.


Tomorrow, June 15th will be the 2nd Lesson!!  Jump On The Band Wagon!!

I give you an endorsement, a very positive endorsement, by one of Florida’s Best Shufflers: THE GOLDEN BEAR LIGHTS THEM UP!
Earl Ball Speaks: Glen Peltier put on a seminar at the Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club on Saturday morning. I wasn’t able to be there because I was at the Central District meeting but I heard about it all Saturday afternoon. The target audience was amateurs, particularly new amateurs that we might draw into competition. The mission was accomplished as many players from area Parks showed up. There were even players from as far away as St Pete. Players that were there were excited to tell me what they learned and that they got to meet Glen in person; a thrill for anyone! There were some Pros there and our 1000 point Female Master was practicing what she had learned. Isn’t that something, we can all learn from each other and Glen is very good about sharing.
Great Job Glen, you were a hit!
Glen Peltier Speaks: I am announcing that on June 8th, 2018, a Friday, at one o-clock and each Friday at one o-clock for 10 weeks, I will be giving lessons at the Thames Horizon Club in Chatham ON for two hours.
All clubs in South western Ontario and anyone wanting to try the game is welcome. The Blenheim and Chatham clubs work closely together and I expect many from Blenheim and Morpeth to participate. The classes are free; you do not have to join the club. Cues will be provided.
Each time I have been to Blenheim and Chatham, all courts were filled to capacity. The players seem to enjoy playing on different courts. I will be giving you a rundown every couple weeks as the turnout.
Glen Peltier. 2018 05 26
Stan Speaks: IF you would like to experience the Club Chatham Article ; get a glimpse of Shuffleboard, just turn out and enjoy!!! As a side note, Glen was the very first President of the very beautiful Chatham Club. The atmosphere, the Club and the Shufflers just may TURN YOU ON TO SHUFFLEBOARD!!! Stan McCormack. RE-POSTED ON 2018 06 14.

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1 Response to Glen Peltier Is Back!! His Knees Are Better; He is Raring To Go!! Accept His Offer! You Will Be Glad You Did.

  1. Pat Batdorff says:

    Glad you are back doing what you love to do – shuffle – and also teaching others the game. Have fun and have a great summer.


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