The Summer Rotational Championship; ND by Allen Dronsfield. 2018 06 14

Championship information from the north. A very warm and muggy day at Hawthorne this morning. The bright side, we beat the rain. If my numbers are correct we had 11 amateurs one of which was a bye and 25 pro’s with a bye. Amateur’s at one end and the pro’s the other except court 14 which was all pro’s. We had some new players show up today and Big Mike Boskovitch came out of mothballs also. I was lucky enough with help from Dave Dean to win 5 of 5, but so did our amateur lady Geraldine Branback from Parkwood Oaks. Dave and his partner Danny Richards had us on the ropes when my partner Pat King threw 3 scoring disc out there. Two were for 7’s and one for an 8. The score was 43 – 31 their favor and Dave Dean has the hammer. Knowing that if he removes one of our scores and sticks for the score they win it. Dave went for the 8, cleared it and rolled onto the dreaded center line. We get 14 points which put us at 45. Dave made the shot he thought he needed to make thinking they had 45, and technically he did take the right shot but the safer shot would have been going down and removing at least one of the 7’s and sticking for a 7, yep they would win.
Back to Geraldine Branback, an amateur I had not seen yet, but Geraldine won all five of her games playing very well and scoring 266, I got lucky with the 5th win and 311 points.
Next week we go back to Leesburg, Registration closes at 8:15, don’t be late..
Results are as follows;

1st. Al Dronsfield ————————–    —————– Tavares Pro 5 wins 311 points
2nd. Geraldine Branback ————————– Parkwood Oaks Am. 5 wins 266 points
3rd. Richard Ingram ————————-    ———————— Leesburg Am. 4 wins
4th. Mike Boskovich ——————————————— Parkwood Oaks Pro 4 wins
5th. Richard Burchardt —————————————— Parkwood Oaks Pro 4 wins

Reported by Allen Dronsfield 6/14/18

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