Shuffling is growing in small town Saskatchewan!! A Super Example of What Dedication, and Planning, Can Achieve!!!!

Shuffling is growing in small town Saskatchewan.

Two rural communities have found alternative use for great facilities that already exist and are being underused in their communities. The Villages of VANGUARD and ELBOW are now rolling out shuffleboard courts and introducing our game to their communities.

Jim Lawson (, Vanguard, has organized and brought in courts that are permanently placed in the communities underused curling rink. Jim reports that members meet 3 times a week and the games are on. Jim was introduced to Shuffling when he wintered in Yuma AZ and felt it would go over in Vanguard if people were introduced to it and had the opportunity to try it. He visited High River Alberta to see what they do and the rest is just hard work and dedication.

This is how you make use of a perfectly good curling rink in Vanguard.image1.JPG

Meryl Joel winters in Mesa AZ. She wasn’t satisfied with just summertime golf at the beautiful golf course on the shores of Lake Diefenbaker, so she convinced some friends to look at shuffling in Elbow SK.. They purchased rollout boards and other equipment – the games began. They have established a governing board to work with other volunteer organizations in the community. They are looking at reciprocal visits with other shuffling communities in Saskatchewan . Bob Nunweiler ( reports that they are gathering 3 times a week – all summer – and the interests continues to increase. image2.JPG

Four boards ‘rolled out’ in Elbow community hall.

Bob Lockwood
Saskatchewan Director
CNSA Board of Directors.  Stan Speaks: This is truly a SUPERIOR example of what can be achieved!!  Thank You so much  Bob for sharing this with us!!  Stan McCormack 2018 06 21

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