The Summer Rotational from the North at Leesburg. Thank You Allen!!

Allen Dronsfield Speaks: The Summer Rotational from the north at Leesburg was shortened today by mother nature. Yep while playing in the 4th of 5 games she said that’s all folks, and down it came. We had a low turnout but the games went on. 13 pro’s and 9 amateurs made it to Leesburg this morning.
Bee showed up this morning but had an easy morning of it as the donuts didn’t make.
The next two weeks are being held at Hawthorne to pick up the slack from Tavares.
We thank all that did show up and hope for better weather next week.
Scores were tallied only for 3 completed games of 5..


1st. Jack Wooten ———————————————————- Mid-Fl. Lakes
2nd. Vern Ivey ————————————————————— Inverness
3rd. George Fisher ——————————————————– Hawthorne
4th. Frank Cherill ———————————————————- Leesburg


1st. Richard Ingram ——————————————————- Leesburg
2nd. Wayne Carpenter —————————————————- Hawthorne
3rd. Dick Kanan ———————————————————— Parkwood Oaks
4th. Bob Newhaus ——————————————————— Hawthorne

That’s a rap folks, by Al Dronsfield 6/21/18

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