On Tuesday four of Zephyrhills Shufflers will head to the West Coast Mingles/Singles Tournament to check out the Pinellas Park courts.

Earl Ball continues the quest to have Zephyrhills amateurs experience different venues. Three of the Central District’s Amateur “Masters” Players, Betty Russell, Cindy Wood and Diane Beaulier are all excited to make the trip to experience the courts and meet the players they don’t already know, and Earl is anxious for them to meet Mike Vassalotti, whom Earl considers the best Shuffleboard Player he has ever known.
Some of you know the story of Mike’s comeback and some of you don’t. I’ll tell you the story from my perspective; which means I might be right and I might not be right.

I call Mike each season and try to talk him into playing a tournament so other Players can see who he is after hearing so much about him form me. Mike Vassalotti Interview. 05 01 04   Sometimes he would say OK but then change his mind because he doesn’t want anyone to see him at less than his best. Well, Mike came to the Clearwater Courts to watch me play just after New Years last season. I played so poorly that he left and I’m sure he thought that if Earl can play so bad and yet win tournaments, then certainly he can too. He went home and started practicing. He called me in the Spring and said he was ready to play.

It just so happens that Mike Seyfer  had lost his Partner and was just thrilled to have the opportunity to play with a legend he’d heard so much about. Mike was right; he was back; they finished 2nd in the Tournament. Mike Seyfer was so excited, so thrilled and so thankful for the opportunity that I took a picture I’d taken of the two of them and had a poster made and presented it to Mike, he had it framed.
I haven’t played Pinellas Park since Bill McMillan Bill & Vivian McM. Great Story  passed away and that’s been a while now. It’ll be interesting to give the courts a try.

Sent along by Earl Ball WITH THANKS!!  2018 06 23


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