Stan Bober of FL’s WCD Reports!!! Positive as Always!!!

Heading North for a Deserved Holiday

Stan Bober Speaks: Hi Stan! (Is The Man) 

We had a great turnout accompanied with great weather. When Earl Ball shows up, there is always a ton of excitement in the air as well!!!

This ended our normal summer Mingle Singles but Steve Raimondi and Nellie Daum will continue this event in a couple of weeks. Next week will be an off week due to Pinellas Park having a senior event that will tie up all parking.

We had a great summer of out-of-season shuffling with no complaints and tons of fun had by all!

Betty and I are heading north to Cincy, OH., Mishawaka/South Bend, IN. & Chicago.

WCD.FSA Shuffle

stan bober
wcd webmaster

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2 Responses to Stan Bober of FL’s WCD Reports!!! Positive as Always!!!

  1. Mike Eak says:

    Sorry I missed the Single-Mingle today. But i was promoting the High School Shuffling with 27 school administrators from all over Florida. 3 of which are from Pinellas County, Palm Harbor Univerity HS & Countryside HS. All attending a conference at Eckerd College. Everyone was excited with the possibility of shuffle in their schools.


  2. Ron Nurnberger &Pam says:

    Nobody does it better than Stan & Betty (and Mike keep me informed, I m trying to follow your lead in Bradenton). We came to Penallas because of your invite—safe travels—-


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