Al Dronsfield Reports on The Northern District Rotational Championship

28‎ ‎Jun at ‎2‎:‎28‎ ‎PM: Al Dronsfield Speaks.

The Northern District Rotational Championship was held today at the Hawthorne facility under very warm temps and dry conditions. If my figures are right, we had 22 pro’s and 8 am’s.
The shuffleboard Gods were kind to me today as I was lucky enough to win all 5 games, thanks to my partners, Donna and Pat King, Lee Newell, Barb Tulip and Dave Dean, thank you all for your help.
It was a warm welcome to Barb Tulip coming back for the first time since her medical issues. She said she was pretty tuckered out and that was understandable due to the humidity.
Next week we again play at Hawthorne and the weeks are winding down. Including next week we have two at Hawthorne and one left at Leesburg.

1st. Allen Dronsfield ————————————– Tavares 5 wins 442 points
2nd. Barb Tulip ——————————————- Leesburg 4 wins 216 points
3rd. Carol May ——————————————–Hawthorne 4 wins 212 points
4th. Pat King ———————————————- Hawthorne 4 wins 205 points
5th. Jane Moore ——————————————-Hawthorne 3 wins 231 points

1st. Jeff Geesey —————————————- Hawthorne 4 wins 231 points
2nd. Ron Bodo —————————————- Tavares 3 wins 201 points
3rd. Mark Engel —————————————Leesburg 3 wins 186 points
4th. Betty Mondeel ————————————Hawthorne 3 wins 178 points Betty is our 94 yr. old Lady, is frequently in the running week after week. Great job to all..

See you next week at Hawthorne. Reminder – registration closes at 8:15

Reported by Al Dronsfield.  2018 06 28.  Thank You Al.

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