Canada Day Shuffleboard in Coldwater, ON

Coldwater Shuffleboard Club celebrated their Canada Day today, 2018 06 28, with cake and Hors d’ oruvres courtesy of Carol Archer and Martha Sauve while resident photographer George Orilley had everyone set up for a photo or two.
Players all wore red to celebrate the occasion and the clubhouse looked like a sea of red .
George Archer ( our presidents hard working husband ) was busy with his new court beading applicator . The court beading is more consistent according to Grorge than when its done with the hand shaker method.  GARRY PIPHER WITH THANKS!!


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2 Responses to Canada Day Shuffleboard in Coldwater, ON

  1. Gary Pipher says:

    What a great Club . As I look at the photos and see all those wonderful members who have passed on . May they have shuffleboard in heaven and meet up again with their friends.

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  2. stanistheman says:

    Thanks for the comment Gary!!!


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