On July 01st Canada celebrates “Canada Day”, the day chosen to celebrate the birth day of their nation~~July 01st, 1867. 

On July 04th, “Independence Day”, America celebrates the birth day of their nation~~July 04th, 1776.

Whether we are on the Courts competing or off the courts engaged in other pastimes, it is rare that the subject of one’s citizenship surfaces as an item of conversation. It is rare that intense debate or argument occurs. This is not to say that either of us is a carbon copy of the other, we are not. Our Nations were founded in two entirely different methods, neither method better than the other, but different. Some say that this difference explains the differences in our national cultures.

What each Nation has for the other, is respect, a respect which has resulted in the longest undefended border in the world, a respect which has resulted in each nation becoming the other’s greatest trading partner, a respect which allows us each to pursue our independent course of action in a very complex world. As free and independent citizens in our two nations, we celebrate the freedoms which we both enjoy. May the shufflers of both countries have a wonderful celebration in honour/honor of their respective nation.

This article was prepared by Yours Truly in 2004. It has been reposted several times. I am concerned as I write in 2018, concerned that the RESPECT mentioned above is being severely tested by the imposition of tariffs by both nations. Tariffs in the amount of $16.6 billion dollars. The President began, with a 25% tariff on steel imported from Canada, and a 10% tariff on aluminum, on the basis that Canada posed a military threat to the USA???  The threat has been described as absurd; the tariff  as hurtful.

Canada reciprocated with tariffs on a wide variety of items, tariffs which will cost Americans $16.6 billion dollars. Canada’s tariffs take effect on July 1st, 2018. CANADA AND AMERICA ARE EACH OTHER’S GREATEST TRADING PARTNERS. Let’s keep it that way; let’s get rid of the tariffs!!!   Our Chief Negotiator, and responsible Cabinet Minister has sent a clear message to the White House stating Canada is ready to TALK.
Happy Birthday to All Shufflers!! Let’s keep Shuffleboard Alive and Healthy!!! Stan McCormack. 2018 07 01.

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  1. Deb Stuart says:

    So with you on this one!!


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