Veterans Shuffleboard Clinic by Palm Gardens in Mesa Arizona.

Dale Monday Speaks: This is the 2nd year that our resort (Palm Gardens) has held this clinic for the Veterans participating in the Phoenix VA Hospital Rehabilitation Program and like last year this was a successful and rewarding event.

VETERAN’S SHUFFLEBOARD CLINIC – The Palm Gardens RV & Manufactured Home Community in Mesa, Arizona just completed it’s 2nd Annual Veteran’s Shuffleboard Clinic. The clinic is for Veterans who are in the Phoenix VA Hospital Rehabilitation Program. Twenty-two Veterans attended this six session clinic that was held two times a month in April, May & June. In the last clinic there was a tournament followed by a luncheon and awards ceremony. The luncheon was provided by the Palm Garden Resort Owners and the awards were donated by M & S Shuffleboard. Twenty-five volunteers from Palm Gardens helped with the clinic.

During the awards ceremony, through donations, two rollout courts (one by Polyglide and the other by two private donors) were presented to the Rehabilitation center at the hospital for the use of the veterans. The Palm Garden residents, also through donations, provided scoreboards, disks, wax, and miscellaneous items to assist in getting shuffleboard established as one of the weekly activities in their rehabilitation program. A big thanks to all the volunteers, especially Sheila Monday and Dean Haske, who helped me make this clinic a success. Submitted by Dale Monday, ASA President. 2018 06 30.


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2 Responses to Veterans Shuffleboard Clinic by Palm Gardens in Mesa Arizona.

  1. hwshuffle says:
  2. How wonderful. You guys are doing a great job. I want to try something like this in our District in FL when we get back there in September. I may call you for some suggestions.


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