Do You Remember The BLACK SWAN?? If Yes, Please Leave a Comment!! 2018 07 03

2006 BLACK SWAN BEGINS TO-DAY in YUMA AZ!!!  For those NOT familiar with Yuma: click: x AZ 15 Yuma Crossing  

Ron Williams and Sylvia Bromley at Yuma, AZ (WE LOOK BACK))

We thought it appropriate to post the winners of the2005 event >> and let our readers know that we are looking forward to following the current (2006) “happening”!

In Nov of 2005 We Wrote: From Yuma, AZ, we provide you breaking results for the Black Swan Floor Shuffleboard Tournament held annually at Araby Acres RV Park. Glen and Sylvia Bromley organize and administer this MIXED DOUBLES EVENT that runs for two weeks!! The Black Swan is the only evening tournament in or around Yuma. Teams compete Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings and the tournament has four events. Each team is assured four games. The event is restricted to 32 teams (64 players) and The Bromleys have no trouble filling the tournament each year. This was their 5th tournament and it wrapped up Friday evening with four winning teams.
The “A” event winners were Gerry Gable and Lorraine Rich (top pix);
The “B” event was won by Sylvia and Glen, 2nd pix;
The “C” event was won by Henry and Frieda Dick, 3rd pix; The “D” event was won by Otto Senger and Nancy Reed, 4th pix.
THE SHUFFLER 2006 11 13.  (Stan McCormack,)

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