High River AB Hosts the 37th ISA beginning just 10 Days From To-day!!

Remember, High River AB, the location of the 37th ISA is situated right in the Wild West!! Some of you may have attended the Calgary Stampede, the epitome of Wild West Behaviour; if you have, I need say no more. The organizers of the ISA Event tell me that the “37th” will have some of the Western Spirit, some of the Western Adventure!! We, at “The Shuffler” will endeavour to capture some of that spirit, some of that adventure.

I well remember the first time I attended the Stampede, circa 55 years ago. Roy Rogers and Dale Evans led the parade! Click on pic of them to bring back memories you may have.  Apparently I was keen at taking pix, even then. I insert the next two family pix to prove to you that we too, were young once. That is me with two of our sons, and next pic is of Lois, watching the parade with Ken and Gregg.  (Click on any pic to expand.)

In checking the FSA Website, I find that Glenn Monroe has posted the roster, i.e. the names of every player on every team!! I am going to take you there.  Here is the link : http://www.fsa-shuffleboard.org/High_River/ROSTERS.pdf  Glenn also has an excellent extensive article on the format of the Tournament: Click: http://www.fsa-shuffleboard.org/High_River/Information.pdf    Once the event begins, we will no doubt return to this site.

So folks, until July 10th, get your cowboy boots shone up!!  Clean up  your favourite cowboy hat; and purchase a cool cowboy shirt!! AND, come to the MeetNgreet dressed to enjoy Canada’s Wild West!!!  Heck, the Strongs and the Balls did get their Hats!!!  And for sure, each of them had super BOOTS!!

Stan McCormack, 2018 07 05.   


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    Look Back to the 37th ISA in Calgary Alberta!!! AND, you can treat yourself to a pic of Roy Roger and Dale Evans!!! Stan


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