ND Summer Rotational’s were held this week at Hawthorne!!

1st Paul Hodges, 264 points.

The Summer Rotational’s were held this week at Hawthorne, again we were able to beat the rains. I am not sure of the numbers but I believe it was a mix of 24 Pro’s and Am’s.
Well today the amateurs ruled with Paul Hodges in the top spot followed by Dewayne Toomey. The top five positions were all four game winners, and three of those were Leesburg members.
A friendly reminder that next week the rotational’s move back to Leesburg with registration closing at 8:15..

The Results;

1st. Paul Hodges ——————————— Leesburg Amateur 4 wins 264 points
2nd. DeWayne Toomey ————————- Clermont Amateur 4 wins 259 ”
3rd. Vern Ivey ———————————— Inverness Pro 4 wins 239 ”
4th. Al Dronsfield ——————————– Leesburg Pro 4 wins 238 ”
5th. Andy Serina ———————————-Leesburg Pro 4 wins 232 ”

Reported by Al Dronsfield 7/5/18

Pictured is Paul Hodges, Paul was the Northern District T.O.C. Champion last season

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