Jeffry Luneau Gives us the Results From Hendersonville!! 2018 07 10

Harold Thorne, our regular Hendersonville Reporter is on his way to Canada, to High River Alberta, to be precise!!  Hats off to Jeffry Luneau for substituting for Harold!!  Harold is a member of the USA White Team. Go here to see all the team members.

In the Men’s division, the “Boys from Texas” continued their dominance winning the Main for the 4th year in a row.

In the Ladies’ division, due to the low number of teams played a round robin: each team played the other teams once in one game consisting of 32 frames where they switched colors after 16 frames.  Thank You for posting this.  Jeffry Luneau

Tournament Results
Tournament #7 July 9 & 10
Club Championship Doubles M/L
Sponsored by: Mill house Lodge &

Men’s Division
1. Stan Quinn & Warren King
2. Norm Willems & Jeff Luneau
3. Frank Loveland & John Knapp
1. Ray Lawson & Wayne Rose
2. Wally Thyssen & Basil Kerrill
3. John Klinger & Bud Wilber
4. Dave Wenger & Charlie Chleason

Ladies Division
1. Lynda King & Carol Lumsden
2. Joyce Radcliff & Jan Thyssen
3. Dorie Baker & Gail Chase
4. Pat Knapp & Betty Loveland
5. Jeanne Wenger & Cathy Lawson



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