Rotational from the North, ND that is; reported by Al Dronsfield!!

Well it was the last event for the Leesburg club this summer as the last rotational moves to Hawthorne next Thursday. Warm weather was in store today with a very light turnout of 19 players combined.
Bee did a great job in the kitchen and Barb Tulip handling registration, score keeping and payout.
Last week the two top winners were our amateurs and Paul Hodges who won it last week wasn’t far behind this week taking a second.
But the old veteran Walt Bartels came out on top to day out pointing those with 4 wins.
Pro’s and Amateur’s were combined with the pro’s on the foot and the am’s at the head.

1st. Walt Bartels —————————————– Deland Pro 271 points
2nd. Paul Hodges ————————————— Leesburg Am 248 ”
3rd. Cheryl Cole —————————————– Tavares Pro 242 ”
4th. Dick Kanan —————————————– Tavares Am 219 ”
5th. Wayne Carpenter ———————————- Hawthorne Am 203 ”

There you have it, again off the Hawthorne next week and that will wrap it up for the summer.

Reported by Al Dronsfield 7/12/18

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