Jim and Beth Allen Arrive in High River Alberta!!

Jim and Beth Allen Speak:  Anticipation. One of the greatest emotions we as human beings are blessed to behold. Today Beth and I are filled with great anticipation as we roll into High River and greet our shuffling friends from all over the world.

The 37th World Championships start Monday, but in reality they begin the moment you see a friend in the hotel lobby, or maybe even in the airport. Or maybe just a Facebook post from a traveler. For I believe there are 2 events in High River- and each carries tremendous importance to us all.
The games themselves are one event, and who takes home medals are yet to be determined. Anticipation of the victory – and the optimistic spirit all competitors enjoy at this moment runs rampart to each and every player.
The second event is found in the friendships, the camaraderie, the bonding of human spirits no matter what geographic placement we find ourselves, and others, coming from.
So today is a day of anticipation of 2 events that will occur in High River, AB Canada the next 6 days. Which one you anticipate more is up to each and every person. But I know that while each event is in of itself endowed with great importance – yet I know which event Beth and i will embrace with the greatest anticipation !

Jim Allen. 2018 07 14.


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