Report from the 37th ISA in High River, AB by President Bilton.

Dave Crucq, President of the Foothills Shuffleboard Association & Myrna

ISA President Myrna Bilton Speaks: We arrived safely to High River on Friday. We were greeted with smiling faces and warm greetings by Verena Wardley, Zinaida Fitzpatrick and the White Hatters. We were taken to the Calgary Airport hospitality room where we waited for our shuttle vehicle. Our trip to High River took a little over 1 hour on a Friday night at 5:30. We have a nice room at the Heritage Inn. Great to meet some of our shuffle friends. Ken & Verena Wardley, Brian & Zinaida Fitzpatrick joined our group of 12 for supper at the Inn. Lots of shuffle talk!!!

Yesterday was nice to see the Bob Snodgrass Recreation Complex where the shuffling will take place. Volunteers were working hard to make sure everything is set for Monday. Participants can practice today. The Heritage Inn doors were busy swinging with our friends arriving from all around the world. Lots of hugs and laughter.

Paula Pavao, Verena Wardley, Myrna Bilton & White Hatters

Rob Robinson, Darlene Sells & Glenn Monroe

President Bilton and Ken Wardley



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