Jerry Deren Reports on MI Activities!!

Sharon Olmstead and Jerry Deren Speaks: Another great day on the courts. We had a couple of showers, but finished the tournament. It was a very hot day. Seventeen teams played at the Battle Creek Tournament today. Thank you B.C. for hosting the tournament & a thank you to Ann Wedel for directing. Congratulations players.

Two of our shufflers need our prayers. Dennis Anderson from the Albion Club has singles. Bruce Ellsworth from the Mt. Pleasant Club is battling cancer. Please add these two special people to your prayers.

Sharon Olmstead and Jerry Deren



1st Carol Healey & Rick Yates
2nd George Rosema & Shirley McCullough
3rd Bob Kendall & Karl Clark
4th Roger Hiatt & Jim Cramton


1st Carl Olmstead & Jim Stark
2nd Elmer Heisler & Jerry Deren
3rd Bill Adams & Max Munk
4th Janet Casselman & Adriana Cramton

No Michigan tournaments this next week. The State tournaments begin Monday, July 30th at 9:00 in Battle Creek. The schedule follows:

Monday, July 30th Amateur M/L Singles
Tuesday, July 31st Pro M/L Singles The Annual MSA Mtg. will be held during the lunch time.
Wednesday, August 1st Amateur Any Doubles
Thursday, August 2nd Pro M/L Doubles

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