The More We Get Together, The Happier We Will Be!!!

Japanese Women and The Bells!!

Stan Speaks: You can find a brief video of the  37th ISA participants, and friends, singing The More We Get Together, The Happier We  Will Be!!  This tradition, as I recall, began in Australia in 2008 by Myrna.  In Australia, the event took place at two separated locations, Coolangatta on the roof top, and at Elanora on Australia’s Gold Coast.  When the Women bussed from one facility to the other, Myrna got everyone singing The More We Get Together, The Happier We Will Be.  The Japanese Women, especially, enjoyed the singing!!!  It provided an opportunity, for all Shufflers to demonstrate their “Joy de Vie”!!!  Great pic of Lynn and her daughter with the Japanese Women’s Team of 2008 in Australia.  The Japanese Women placed first at this 2008 event in Australia.  I am now going to give you some history of the Australian Organization. Australian History

And now, the link to the video I mention in my first line:  Don’t give up when the window opens!!  Carefully scroll down to locate the video.

As I was NOT on the Bus, perhaps Myrna could leave a comment in the “Comments” section to provide any modification to the Story!!  Do hope you continue to enjoy the 37th.  It appears it is OFF TO A GREAT BEGINNING. Stan 2018 07 16

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