Glenna Earle Reports on Day 1 Activities!! 37th ISA, High River AB

Glenna Earle Speaks:  It has been an absolutely flawless opening to the 37th ISA event.  (More pix to come > next posting) (Click on any pic to expand.)
The weather is nothing short of spectacular.
Everyone lined up outside the hotel for our march in to the opening ceremonies.
You can tell by the smiles and happy faces all are excited about this International event.
It still brings a tear to my eye as each country sings their hearts out to respect their home country anthems as they are played. Of course Canada and the USA are the loudest but the smaller representation from other countries are no less enthusiastic.
Many dignitaries representing High River, as well as an MLA spoke and welcomed us to the area and wished us good luck.

Our ISA president, Myrna Bilton made an excellent speech as she included all the countries of the world who are here and talked about how important these lasting friendships are which we are creating during this event. The game is certainly our reason for coming together but it is the lasting friendships we will remember forever.

Games began at noon immediately following a beautiful lunch.
Courts are in excellent shape and the crew taking care of them are masters at their jobs.

One of the exciting things happening today was a fire alarm. We all poured out of the recreation centre while the Fire Dept checked the building. Someone said the extreme heat (about 32 degrees C) caused something in the electrical wiring to trigger the alarm. Have a few pics of the people outside and then filing back in to resume our games.
It was a long day which was followed by a CNSA meeting.
First day was a busy one but all seemed to enjoy it anyway.

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