We Give You The Results of Round 6 from High River Alberta!!!

Above you see the complete German Contingent!!!  At the end of Round 5, the German Women had a slight lead, thus we display their pic!!  ((All the Men are hiding, Save and Except two, Frank Baehren , and that “Good Lookin Guy” with a Smile, Sebastian Runge!!)) He is smiling because he just celebrated his birthday!!!

We are now reporting on Round 6, and in Group A, the German Women have held on to that lead!!!  Similarly, the Canadian Women have held their lead in Group B.  To see the team Roster, go here:  http://www.fsa-shuffleboard.org/High_River/ROSTERS.pdf  and here are the Women’s Results, at the end of Round 6: http://www.fsa-shuffleboard.org/High_River/Results/Women%20R6.pdf  and now the Men: Men R6  ALL SHUFFLERS, Please enjoy your evening.

SHUFFLERS: To review who you will be playing tomorrow, Wednesday, go here:  http://www.fsa-shuffleboard.org/High_River/Schedules/Wednesday_Schedule.pdf  and prepare accordingly!!!

I am sure someone will share with us WHAT IS GOING ON TOMORROW?? Stan 2018 07 17 19:35.

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