We Give You the Situation at High River AB, as of end Round 7 MEN.

I will take you to the SITUATION ROOM, but I will not give you BREAKING NEWS!!!

Canada C and USA Blue, both in Group B are tied with 5 Points!! If you are participating or watching the Tournament you know that both teams are made up of some of each nation’s best players!!  Rather than predict which team will do better, I thought I would give you some history and LET YOU BE THE PROGNOSTICATOR!!   Let’s begin with Bill Hoyer of USA Team Blue:  REFLECTIONS FROM BILL HOYER  AND, ON THE SAME TEAM: Bob Jones:  I am displaying a pic of Bob accepting the GOLDEN CUE award for First Place in the 34th ISA.  ALSO on USA Blue, we have a rising star: Check this: Erik HahmannFutureSuperStar8-26-2017

AND NOW, what you have been patiently waiting for: http://www.fsa-shuffleboard.org/High_River/Results/Men%20R7.pdf  I will give you similar info. for other players as we go forward.

Stan McCormack. 2018 07 18.


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