Canadian Teams Topping The Charts In Shuffleboard Tournament. Newspaper Article.

All six particpating Canadian teams are topping the scoreboards at the Internation Shuffleboard Tournament, held at the Rec-plex.

The International Shuffleboard Association is holding its week-long tournament in the High River Rec-Plex, and so far Canadian teams are in standing for the playoffs.
Event organizer for the tournament, Verena Wardley says national talent is making tough competition for the world teams “There are six Canadian teams competing this year, three for men, and three for women, and all of them are in standing for the final round playoffs for this Friday.”

All together, 24 teams are competing for the final round on, Friday July 20 2018, where the top two teams will compete for the gold and silver medals.
Wardley says the event is important for competition, but it also exposes and promotes the game to a wider audience: “By hosting the event in High River, we have been able to notify local players from around the town, and out of town, that there is a big scene for the game here, this event has done wonders for our association.”
Wardley also says, that the game is not just for seniors “We have some players in their 20’s and 30’s playing this year at the competition, a young lady in her 20’s from Vietnam and a few younger players from the American teams as well. Shuffleboarding is a game that can truly be enjoyed by all age groups.”
Thursday July19th, 2018 the teams will be heading to the Rec-Plex again, playing all day to get a spot in the final round on Friday.
Friday’s final game will be followed by an award ceremony at the Heritage Inn in High River.
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