The Rotational’s in the Northern District came to an end today

Jan and Allen Dronsfield

The Rotationals in the Northern District came to an end today. Warm and breezy we got it in before the rains came. Another low turnout with 18 players, a mix of both pro’s and am’s.
As things have come to an end with the rotationals, and Tavares down for the summer. why not consider going down to the central district on Monday’s and Thursday’s. All indoor facilities so your protected from the rain at least. schedules are available online under the central district.
Leesburg is also open on Tuesday’s and Friday’s, play begins at 9:00.
I also open at Leesburg on Sunday mornings and we start at 9:00 also, all are welcome. If your coming to Leesburg you will need to bring nickels to play with on Tuesday and Friday only. Sunday was originally set up for clinics, so if there are some things you would like to work on or need help with let me know and I will work with you on those issues.           

Stan Speaks: I think we should have a HUGE SHOUT OUT FOR AL!!  The Xtra he does for the Northern District in particular, and Shuffleboard in general is very much appreciated. 

This week we had two 5 game winners and 2 amateur’s in the top 5.

1st. Charlie Adams ——————————  — Hawthorne Pro 5 wins 341 points
2nd. Frank Cherill ————————              —————– Leesburg Pro 5 ” 335
3rd. Betty Mondeel ———————————————– Hawthorne Am 4 ” 268
4th. George Snyder ———————————————– Clermont Pro 4 ” 244
5th. DeWayne Toomey ——————————————- Clermont Am 4 ” 213

There you go folks, best wishes to all for a remainder of the summer and see many of you in Oct.

Reported by Al Dronsfield 7/19/18

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