We Give You Additional Info. on Ladies of Team C, Group B.

Let’s talk somewhat about the leading Women’s Team in Group B, Canada C.  It would be redundant to say each of the 4 are competent shufflers. However; in any Team Event, there is more than individual competence, and that is what make these “Team Events” different.  Have a read of this partial summary of what Lynn Bell has achieved in this regard.  Lynn Bell has been a committed shuffleboard player for the past 20 years plu1 and the gentleman speaking in the Induction, is Art Scott, Brian’s Father.  AND,  on that same Team as Lynn, the Young Lady who prepares (writes) most of our “onsite stories”, Glenna Earle!!  In this regard her talent shines for all to see; however; she has equal talent ON THE COURTS!! I will let Henry Strong, former CNSA President, tell you a little about Glenna: Glenna Earle into ISA HOF 2015 10 28. – Copy  As Henry pointed out in the article, Glenna is multi talented; both David and Glenna are first class musical performers; the Shuffleboard Community is fortunate to have people like this. Pic is of Glenna performing with Trumpeter Bob Read on a cruise.  2009 IP 5 CRUISE MISS MID.

Marlene Corbeil is deeply involved in the game each of us loves.  She directs Tournaments in both the USA and Canada. She tells you (NOTE: 2010 ARTICLE) how she became involved: Marlene Corbeil Tells Us How She Became Involved a  and I am confident the other team member, Eileen Hildebrand, has an equal involvement in our game.   Manitoba has many excellent shufflers; as they normally go to TX OR AZ during the winter, I do not have the same access as though going to FL.

Article put together from my archives.  Do hope you enjoy.  Stan 2018 07 19.


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