We Regret to Inform You that Phil Hill Left Us at One O-clock to-day, 2018 07 20.


We Regret To Inform You That Phil Hill “Left Us” at 1 p.m. to-day, 2018 07 20.
Pam shared Phil’s passing with me shortly thereafter. I know that every Shuffler who knew Phil, will be deeply saddened by this announcement. Phil had been in Northumberland Hills Hospital, in Cobourg, ON since July 1st. Cremation arrangements have been made through Allison Funeral Home, Port Hope.

I am now going to share with you some writings by Phil, and related information.

Phil wrote this in 2009: Hi there….I am Philip (Phil) Hill, English born but Canadian by choice, having emigrated here in 1958.
Having always been sports minded I was both amazed and thrilled at my initial view of this sport of shuffleboard in the year 1998. This was at local club level of course but it sort of grabbed me and my first few lessons were quite out of this world. I had no knowledge of what lies beyond club play but soon became very aware of it. My wife Pam was also becoming involved with it too, her story comes separately, and my exposure to the noise and clamour of District tournaments, then shortly after on going to out of town tournaments, was an experience all its own…..From that humble beginning, like most of us, we have become part of that group of retired folk who have found something worth driving afar to be part of, a group who have equal thoughts and feelings about the wonderful sport of shuffleboard, a sport that challenges the mind as well as the physical side, probably more so, and don’t we need that sort of thing!!! We must not forget the wonderful friends we have met and made along the way.
Phil Hill Writing in 2009.

The Hills, Pam & Phil both organized and performed at a British Pub Night. Here is Phil’s description: (WRITTEN IN 2005)

Every Jan, well, for the last 7 years at least, we have had what we call “A British Pub Night” here in Doral, where I am the entertainer, the MC, DJ, chef, cook. etc, and we sell out the whole batch of tickets for this bit of fluff, 200 of them, in 3-4 days. I tend to dress up a bit as you can see. Pam also does a lot too….don’t forget her. It was a great evening where people bring games to play, can buy a beer, bring their own snacks (but we supply them anyway) bring their own hard stuff to drink if they are not beer drinkers. They get fed a diet of shepherd’s pie and gravy, peas, sausage roll, pickled beets, and a section of pickled onions. They get entertained in many ways. I sing “sing-along stuff; we bring groups in to sing or play guitars, or do magic tricks, sing-a-long music plays in the background most of the time. People line up at the door to be ‘first in’ to get best tables…….It is an evening of great relaxation and fun and we will keep playing as long as Pam and I can keep it up. We have a great following here for this Saturday slot in dull old Jan.
Pam and Phil Hill writing in 2005 > above.

Stan Writing:  Let’s put into context the pic of Phil at the left!!  At the time of the 1st Blackstock Spring Fling, 2005, Lois and I had not met the Hills but we had read the article above. Accordingly we asked them to perform at a BBQ we had planned at our daughter’s on the evening before the Tournament.
To our pleasure and that of the audience >> 64 Shufflers plus guests, perform they did. We had to move the performance into a shed because of rain and even though that introduced some difficulties for the Electronics, THE SHOW WENT ON!!

In 2012, Phil at the ISA in Seattle WA, was awarded the Merit Award for outstanding Interpersonal Relations and Sportsmanship behaviour.  He and Pam travelled to NOT ONLY FL Tournaments, but also many International (ISA) Tournaments!!  (Lois too, received the award at the same time.)

I thought I would end with this wonderful short paragraph by Phil:  “Phil Hill started shuffling at ISA level in Midland, playing on a UN Team, and loving every minute of it. It was different; it was exciting playing against players from other countries who had little quirks, and oddities that made the game a challenge. Their manner of play was different; feet were wrong (in my mind), they never spoke (I like to break the ice with a word or two); the set up, and format were different, frame games instead of 75 points. No drift cards…loved it, it levelled the playing field. Now we are back in Midland after thousands of miles internationally travelled, from Sochi, to Seattle, playing shuffleboard, against people we have played against in ISA tournaments, from St.Petes, to Hohenroda, with their light lunches. Love it, love the folk….all of whom I consider to be friends of mine.”  Phil Hill.


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4 Responses to We Regret to Inform You that Phil Hill Left Us at One O-clock to-day, 2018 07 20.

  1. Joyce and Bob Smith says:

    We will surely miss our friend. Pam, we love you and our thoughts and prayers are with you.


  2. Beth and John Heron says:

    Condolences to Pam. A all the family he will be missed.


  3. Max and Ruth says:

    Our condolences to Pam & family. A great man who will be sorrowly missed.


  4. Glen Peltier. says:

    Phil touched many of us. Always a smile and a joke. He was an entertainer and a good one. I can,t believe he is gone.


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