Glenna Earle Recognizes the “Angels” of High River Alberta

David and Glenna Earle

Glenna Earle Speaks:   Stan, yesterday was rather long and difficult as I was dealing with a medical issue which was making me rather uncomfortable. I managed to play my last match for the finals with Renate but perhaps not as well as I otherwise might have.
Gina & Brian Bissillion were kind enough to drive David and I to the beautiful local hospital so that I could see a physician. We asked them to leave us but they insisted we take their phone number and call when we wanted to return to the Awards dinner at the hotel…. 2 wonderful Western angels!

Having been a cancer patient and/or our shuffling uniforms seemed to get everyone flying around to try to help and I was triaged immediately upon arrival, and seen within 5 minutes by the Triage nurse. In a short time a young Dr came to see me, requested some blood work, etc. and determined I had a skin infection of some sort! A sweet Scottish nurse came to administer mainlined antibiotics which took a bit of time to deliver. We were there about 3 hrs in total. By the way, I will be fine as soon as the meds “do their thing”. Thanks to all our shuffling friends for your concern.

All finished at about 5 PM and we asked at the desk for a cab recommendation, not wanting to interrupt Gina & Brian since “happy hour” had begun. The gal said, “if you can wait 7 minutes I will be off and could drive you to Shoppers and then you can call a cab after you get your script. A High River angel had appeared!
By now we are thinking we might even make the awards dinner!

Pharmacist and staff noticed our Canadian shuffle shirts and had heard about the Tournament so preferential treatment here also! We are so impressed!
Came out to the door to call a cab. Tried 2 of the referred companies, neither had anyone nearby for at least 30 minutes. A pleasant lady walked over and said she had overheard us and offered to drive us to the hotel. Another angel had appeared! This hospitality is overwhelming!
Was it our obvious shuffleboard uniforms, the good job the local Foothills club has done promoting the tournament, or just plain GOOD people? Perhaps all three.
Whatever the reason, we felt truly blessed. We want to acknowledge those wonderful people of High River and say a huge THANK YOU!!

At this time I wish also to thank Stan McCormack (our faithful blogger) for all his posting of my reports from High River. I hope my thanks to the “angels” we met, hear about how thankful we are via these posts.

We managed to make it to the awards banquet after all. It is always such a wonderful evening, although difficult to say good-bye. We all promised to meet again, hopefully in Vienna in 2019.

The reason for writing this story is mainly to give a big “tip of the Stetson” to the kind people of High River!!! It has been a most memorable week.

Glenna.  2018 07 21

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