Glenna Reports on the Final Day of the 37th ISA

Glenna Earle Speaks:  It was an amazing day from start to finish and I can hardly wait to put my head on the pillow.
The C team were lucky enough to play the finals and ended up 2nd to Germany who played magnificently well. I was on an excellent team but today I was not able to help too much. If we had won one more game, it might have been the Cdns wearing the gold medals. But we made those ladies very happy and not too far into the future we won’t remember who won, but we will not forget the camaraderie.
One picture below is our newest member of the ISA Hall of Fame, Joyce Smith. Dieter Hussman presented her eloquently and Joyce’s response was beautiful. She and President Myrna both spoke about how the participants become such good friends they are like family.
Peter Krapelle of Austria said, even though this is his first time at an ISA he feels as if he has known everyone for 5 years. It is indeed a friendly and welcoming group.
Another picture to your left is the delightful Renate Hirning who was my opponent for the Gold medal round. She was so excited about the win, she could hardly contain her exuberance.
The last picture at the top is the group of line dancers who came to entertain us.  Following their demonstration they gave lessons and many people participated.
That’s it for tonight Stan.

Have an additional little story to share with you about the High River hospitality….later!  Glenna.   STAN SPEAKS:  A VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO GLENNA FOR HER EXCELLENT COVERAGE OF THE 37th ISA EVENT. Reporting is not always easy, especially after a demanding day.  Dedication and determination are both essential qualities and Glenna has demonstrated both in spades!!!  Stan 2018 07 21

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