Canada And Germany Win The Gold In The World Shuffleboard Tournament Written by Cory Gialleonardo

While Canadians may have take the gold medal in the Mens league, it was Germany who are victorious for the womens league in the World Shuffleboard Tournament in 2018.

After a week long event, the World Shuffleboard Tournament wrapped up on Friday July 20 2018, at the High River Rec-plex.
When the dust settled, a Canadian team, takes home the gold medal for the men’s league.
The final men’s league round featured two Canadian teams, making Canada the holder for the silver medal as well.
For the women’s league it was a team from Germany who brought home the Gold.
Event Organizer Ken Wardley says he was astounded by the level of skill demonstrated by Canadian teams this year.
“Canadians have done extremely well in this tournament, we didn’t expect them to do quite as well as they did, with all particpating teams making contention for the final playoffs, but they pulled through with flying colors.”
The event featured 90 players from all over the world, including Germany, Austria, The UN, Japan, Brazil and the USA.
Wardley says he and his wife are looking forward to next years world tournament being held in Vienna, Austria.
“Its a beautiful city, and is going to make a great location for next years meet.”

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