The CNSA President Expresses His Thanks to All Who Contributed to the Huge Success of the 37th ISA in High River AB

Jim and Marlene TOO, need our THANKS.

Fellow Shuffleboard Players all across Canada.

CNSA President Jim Corbeil Speaks: I would to thank the Foothills Shuffleboard Association for putting on a first class International Shuffleboard Team Champion Tournament this past week.
A big thank you to Ken and Verena Wardley for their endless hours of work and dedication to this event.
Thank you to the many volunteers for their hard work and input, making this ISA Team Championship a tremendous success.
I am so very proud of everyone, I heard nothing but good things about the volunteers. They were helpful in every way. Their friendly attitude was very much appreciated and they always had a big smile doing their jobs.
The players on the Canadian teams, I can not say enough about their performance and sportsmanship.
And all the Canadian players who represented Canada on the UN teams.
I thank you all for representing Canada so well.
And of course congratulations to the Canadian Men’s D team for their 1st place Gold medal finish. The Men’s N team for their 2nd place Silver finish.
And our Canadian Women for their 2nd place Silver finish.
We also had 2 Canadian Women on the 3rd place UN team.
And of course, thank you to the Town of High River for their Great Western Hospitality.
Thanks to all our Canadian Shufflers! What a great week! Looking forward to seeing everyone at the IP in Coldwater Ontario, July 7-11 2019 and ISA in Vienna, Austria next November, 2019.
Jim Corbeil, President Canadian National Shuffleboard Association

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