L. to R. Archers; Corbeils; and Rogersons.


The Doubles event is being held in Coldwater, ON, the Shuffleboard Capital of Ontario in fact!! To-day, 2018 07 24, the Amateurs got off to a great start; they will wind up tomorrow while the Experts will begin their Doubles T. in the morning, Wednesday, July 25th, 2018. Tournament Director is Marlene Corbeil.

This Doubles T. is a Classic; a banquet is held on Day 1, that is to-day, July 24th. The Dinner was excellent, catered by ELM catering as is the norm. The Club was literally full for the Banquet. Experts roll in during the afternoon, attend the banquet, and show up bright and early Wednesday. Amateurs will finish their event on Wednesday.

Club President Carol Archer began the banquet by introducing the head table. CNSA President Corbeil, OSA President Rogerson both spoke briefly, thanking host club Coldwater and President Corbeil encouraged members to apply to play in the 2019 IP (Inter Provincial) event. This IP is expected to be SPECIAL; it will be 10 years since the first IP was held, right her in COLDWATER!! The 2019 IP will also be held in Coldwater!! How fitting.

In the audience this evening was the serving ISA President, Myrna Bilton. Club President Archer invited her to come forward to offer remarks pertinent to the just completed 37th ISA in High River, AB. Myrna first talked briefly regarding the warm welcome, the Western hospitality, and then asked everyone present who had participated in the 37th, to stand. They did so AND received a strong round of applause.
We then helped ourselves to our dinner!! They more than filled our plates!! Desserts were awesome; they should not be allowed to make them that good!!!

Following dinner, the family aspect of shuffleboard shone. Carol (Archer) played the organ and sang!! Bev (Fowler) joined her at the front, and many in the audience joined in the singing.

Myrna (Bilton) came to the mike, related the history of a song (The More We Get Together, The Happier We Will Be) which has become an icon of sorts for the ISA. Thanks to Myrna and Lois, even the Japanese have mastered the words!!
The TWO BEST WORDS I can think of, to describe the evening are:
WONDERFUL WONDERFUL!!!  Stan McCormack. 2018 07 24

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