Gary Pipher Reports on Day 1 of the CNSA Doubles. 2018 07 24.

Stan McCormack Speaks: THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE!!!!  I just this very minute finished my posting of THIS SAME EVENT, CHECK MY E-MAIL, AND SEE THAT GARY TOO, HAS BEEN WORKING OVERTIME!!!  (

Gary Pipher Speaks:  The Coldwater Shuffleboard Club held a great first day for the amateur section of the CNSA mixed doubles tournament today , and the day was wrapped up with a scrumptious dinner banquet catered by ELM (Larry Lalonde ). The pre dinner speeches were most informative and entertaining.


ISA President Myrna Bilton gave a wrap up of the ISA Tournament in Highland River Alberta and went on to repeat how well it was ran and the many great memories she will cherish forever. She also told a great memory of her trip to Australia and the support of Lois McCormack when she decided to sing while travelling on a bus. I was sitting beside Stan McCormack and as I looked over he had tears in his eyes as she spoke.
CNSA President Jim Corbiel spoke and repeated the coments of Myrna of how well the High River ISA tournament was organized and thanked all the volunteers who made it happen.
Many of the players who represented Ontario and the UN he tournament were present and acknowledged with a great round of applause by the others at the banquet.

Coldwater Club president Carol Archer rounded of the evening with many songs accompanied by her electric piano organ and had everyone singing along.
This all proves that both Coldwater and Shuffleboard is not just about shuffleboard. It’s about having fun and enjoying the company of others with similar interests.
Gary Pipher.  Stan Speaks: Many Thanks Gary.  2018 07 24.

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